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News - 6 July 2020

CLUB STATEMENT - 06/07/20 - By BCFC Management Committee

Brechin City’s Management Committee can provide the following update for Club Members and Supporters:

In a change to the team of individuals tasked with operating the Club on behalf of its members, we can confirm that 2 of our established Committee members have chosen to step down from their respective posts due to business commitments. Gary Ross has served on the Management Committee since 2009, with much of his responsibility being centred around his role as Chief Safety Officer and looking after the infrastructure of the stadium. Bobby Black has also chosen to step down. Bobby joined the Management Committee in 2017 and his responsibilities included representation on the local Brechin Community Football Trust and his role as the Club’s Child Protection Welfare Officer. Both individuals remain staunch supporters of Brechin City FC and the Club wishes to formally record and acknowledge its grateful thanks to both Gary and Bobby for their considerable efforts during their time with the Management Committee.

In a move which will hopefully enthuse all with a Brechin City persuasion, the Club welcomes 2 new members to the Management Committee. Firstly, we offer a welcome to former player and assistant manager of the Club, Grant Johnson. A Dundee-based lawyer by day, Grant brings his considerable football knowledge and experience to the Club and joins with immediate effect. Also joining alongside Grant, is well-known local businessman, long-time supporter and former Main Sponsor of the Club, Kevin Mackie. Kevin’s business acumen and drive is well recognised and the blend of these two individuals is seen as a real coup for the Club. Co-opted on to the Management Committee immediately, we welcome both, wish them well – and look forward to working alongside them.

Club Members will doubtless recognise that July is the established and constitutional date for the Club’s AGM. Given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent public health guidance, much thought has been given as to how best such an event can take place this year.

There is a reluctance around the Management Committee to adopt one of the ever growing range of online video call platforms, with a clear preference to retain the face-to-face format if at all possible. That is out of respect to our members, rather than a reticence to embrace change – particularly given the huge variety of challenges Brechin City, and Scottish football more widely, has faced latterly – and the opportunity that the AGM provides for our members to ask questions.

We can confirm that we are currently working towards hosting the AGM at Glebe Park on Wednesday 29th July, at 7pm. Clearly, this will be subject to social distancing and whatever other appropriate public health measures are in force at the time. If it is deemed that the AGM cannot go ahead as planned, members can be assured that such a decision will have been taken outside of the Club. Any future date beyond this will be based on the reasonableness and practicality of doing so.

A major agenda item for the upcoming AGM relates to the potential future incorporation of Brechin City FC. Supporters may recall that, at an Open Meeting in December 2019, agreement was reached to establish a working group which would be tasked to explore the viability, practicalities and appetite amongst members for converting the Club to a Limited Company.

After 114 years of existence as a membership club, it is recognised that this is a difficult and sensitive issue for many club members. It is with the full support of the Management Committee that the findings and recommendations of this working group should be put to the members for further consideration. With that in mind, club members (ie, Adult & Concession Season Ticket Holders for 2019/20) should look out for an Information Pack which will be delivered to them soon – either via e-mail, or paper copies in the post. This will outline the findings to date and the new proposition.

A vote relating to this will take place at the AGM. For absolute clarity, this vote will relate simply to further progression of incorporation as an option – not the final decision in itself. Should this progress, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to expressly consider this will require to be held at a future point.