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News - 8 June 2020

CLUB STATEMENT - 08/06/20 - By BCFC Management Committee

The standard club protocol over recent months is to start Club Statements with a repeated message around staying safe and keeping in good health. This sentiment doesn’t diminish the further through this pandemic we are. We do hope that life for everyone associated with Brechin City, in whatever way, continues in as best a form as possible.

Given the intense uncertainty around Scottish Football at present, with twists and turns on a seemingly daily basis (and a plethora of new ideas arriving just about as often), the feeling is that we could be releasing statements almost every day – and be out of date within 24 hours. However, in an attempt to bring members and supporters up to date as best we can, the Management Committee has provided the following information covering a variety of topical matters.

We can confirm that Brechin City is not in favour of a 14-14-14 set up for next season and our contribution to the debate will reflect that. Our preference from the outset remains the status quo of 12-10-10-10, but acknowledge that if the Premiership clubs favour a 14 club set-up in the top division, then we would agree to support a 14-10-10-10 proposal.

Whilst an October start has been well reported we will continue to work with the football administrators and our fellow clubs to try and get back playing football when conditions allow. Whilst much of the media focus is on the return to competitive action, in reality as a Club we are very mindful of the ‘Return to Training’ protocol stipulated by the Scottish FA. This, alongside the ‘Return to Playing’ guidance, presents considerable challenges to Clubs of our size, none more so than the impacts of the rigorous testing procedures required for the squad, management, backroom team and club officials.

We are in regular and active discussions with the SPFL and member clubs to seek further clarity and we will try to keep supporters as up to date as possible. However, we would ask that supporters be under no illusion around the enormity of the task we face in finding a practical solution to allow us to adhere to these wholly necessary working stipulations.

We fully acknowledge and welcome the proposed philanthropic donation to all 42 SPFL clubs, but would stress to fans that this exceptionally generous gesture does not in itself fill the huge financial hole created by the pandemic.

In normal circumstances a major focus at present would our be preparation for the Club AGM. We are currently in discussion with a couple of parties with a view to forming plans to explore significant changes to the structure and future direction of the Club. This is with the solid intention of presenting these plans to our members at the AGM in July. However, it’s clear that a ‘normal’ face-to-face AGM is not possible in lock-down conditions. As a result, we’re left with the alternatives of an online meeting via a video conferencing platform during July, or potentially deferring the AGM to a time when gatherings are permitted – something which may be a viable alternative given the delay to the start of the season.

We are therefore keen to ensure that our season ticket database contains accurate contact details for all of our members. With this in mind, we would be grateful if each Club member could please email the following information to in order to allow accurate administration of this.

• Name & Address
• E-mail Address
• Contact Phone Number
• 2019/20 Season Ticket Number

Should you not have email access, please call or text the information to 07720 861369.

Brechin City is continuing to take advantage of the government’s Job Retention Scheme to ensure that our wages obligation continues to be met during a time we have had no income. The contractual position is that we have three players under contract for next season – namely strikers Andy Jackson and Jimmy Scott, and goalkeeper Paddy O’Neil. The Manager has decided which players’ contracts will not be renewed and which players will be offered re-signing terms whilst also actively seeking new additions to the squad.

Supporters will doubtless understand that it is not easy to try and form a squad when we simply don’t know when training and competitive games will restart, what league structure will be in place, who our opponents will be – and ultimately a financial budget in which to operate.

A few volunteers have been looking after the Stadium over the past few weeks ensuring the pitch and infrastructure are being well maintained. We are now at the stage where the Stadium Group members will be asked to start helping out with outdoor, socially-distanced ground improvement works as we would normally do in the close season. We have already had some new volunteers make themselves known, but we’ll always welcome more – so do feel free to step forward and contact the Club if you think you can help.

The position for the new role of an Online Lottery Manager for the Club has been filled, and supporters – both those who are local, and those further afield – should look forward to the upcoming launch of a new initiative to support Brechin City in these troubled times and beyond.

The Management Committee continues to appeal to everyone connected to Brechin City (and those who aren’t) to do everything possible to protect your physical and mental health and that of those around you. We urge you to continue to follow the public health guidance – stay at home, wash your hands regularly and observe the social distancing protocol.

Thanks for your ongoing support everyone – it’s very humbling – and stay safe.